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Compare mortgages from all the main Irish banks. With house prices coming down, now’s the time to try our mortgage loan calculator to see if you can save money on a new or equity release mortgage. Find the best rates by simply entering the purchase price, loan amount and term – we compare the entire market in Ireland! Our mortgage rates reflect recent increases in AIB, BOI, KBC & EBS rates.



Compare loan rates for a holiday, car, or home improvement? Is debt management a priority? Compare personal loans and use our loan calculator to find the best rates on secured and unsecured loans from all the main Irish banks. Simply enter the loan amount and repayment term and we will show you the best rates available in Ireland, and you can proceed to apply online.



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Current Accounts

Compare current accounts from all the main Irish banks, apply online and manage your account with internet banking. View the deposit interest rates, overdraft rate and typical transaction fees of all the current accounts on the market, and proceed to apply online when you have made your daily banking choice.


Credit Cards

Compare Irish credit cards from all the main providers in Ireland. Find the best balance transfer deals from MBNA online and all the Irish banks. Save money on a 0% balance transfer rate. Compare typical APR, introductory rates and apply online. Check out credit card protection online.



Whether you are on payroll or self-employed, now may be the time to provide for your retirement. Contact us and we will use our pension calculator to find the best pension and lump sum investment products in Ireland.